Florida Keys Fishing Reports
A school of Yellowtail Snapper. Some of the other fish we catch in the Florida Keys areTuna, Wahoo, Blue & White Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Sharks, Kingfish, Mutton Snapper, King Mackerel, Grouper, Cobia, Tarpon and more.

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Florida Keys fishing in Islamorada. Offshore and backcountry sportfishing at it's finest in the heart of the Florida Keys. Aptly named: "The Sport Fishing Capital Of The World!"

Fishing Reports from the Florida Keys

Webmaster's Note:
Due to numerous emails about the "practice of Dolphin fishing" I would like to make the following clarification.
The fish we are referring to as dolphin, as it is called in the Keys and south Florida, is a fish, also known as the Dorado and Mahi-Mahi. This is not the Dolphin mammal.

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Last Updated: 10/31/2018

Quick Glance
Provided by staff writer Captain Russ Pellow
visit him online at www.RustyIV.com

Captain Russ also answers questions in our Ask The Captain Forum
Check it out!


There have been some Dolphin caught this past week, but we are clearly in the transition from summer time conditions to winter time action. The water temperature has dropped some and we have had a couple of frontal boundaries clock the breezes around to west and north. There have been Blackfin Tuna caught on the Islamorada Hump in sizes from a few pounds to the teens. If it is calm and you must run in search of Dolphin the Hump can be used as a “plan b”.
Here is where the majority of reports will come from for several months. The Sailfish have shown up as expected. The Miller Time released 2 Sails last week and the Playbaby released 1. On the Get Bent they boated a Wahoo thirty pounds just off of the reef. Captain Wayne King on the Expedition Released a Sailfish and caught a Cobia, along with some King Mackerel. The King Mackerel bite should be on in the 90 to 180 foot depths. Live or dead bait throughout the entire water column should get the attention of the Kingfish.
Gulf and Bay:
There have been some unsubstantiated reports of Spanish Mackerel in our near Gulf waters. The run of Spanish historically shows up sometime in November, so the possibility is real that they are present now. The Tripletail catches have been good by skiff captains who run the trap buoys in the Gulf. And, of course the Mangrove Snapper is the ever present go to fish in the Gulf. Anchor and chum and they will come.
Flats, Backcountry and Flamingo:
Shallow water guides continue to tell of good catches of Snook. There are lots of Pilchards around and one throw with the cast net should yield all the bait needed. Of course, the bait shops are providing plenty of good size Shrimp also. Captain Vinnie out of Bud and Mary’s Marina fished a couple of trips last week and concentrated in the channels near the bridges. Vinnie’s crew released one Tarpon and caught a bunch of Mangrove Snapper and Jacks to make for some good rod bending. Captain Eric Scoble got into some Snapper and Snook in the backcountry.


Last Updated: 10/31/2018

Capt. James Chappell's Fishing Report
Provided by Catchalottafish Charters
visit him online at www.Catchalottafish.com



Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s report! A few windy days early in the week has led us to some great weather toward the end. The fishing has been excellent all week, with only the day of the moon being slow so far, which is not that surprising. The Sword ledge has been fairly productive this week with everyone who went catching at least on fish. One boat I know caught 5 on one trip, while another caught 4, so I would say they are biting. The dark side of the full moon has been pretty good most of the year, so we will see what this weekend brings. The Tuna and Mahi bite has slowed the past few days as the water has been pretty green out passed the humps, but there have been a few fish that have moved inside of 300’, so if you see the birds working get ready. I actually got a report today about a decent mahi bite in 600’ off Marathon, so maybe we will get one last push. The big news this week has been an epic Sailfish bite! Several boats in double digits, with 2 of which catching 15. I would say Sailfish season is here, and hopefully the conditions shape up to keep it going. The reef and wrecks have been picking up at a pretty good pace, as the Muttons and Groupers starting to chew a bit. The sharks are still pretty bad, but I suppose it is what it is. The Yellowtails on the reef’s edge are biting pretty well, as the current has picked up and been going behind the boat. This is a year-round fishery as most of you know, and should continue until we get a good cold front before they slow down. A pretty exciting week all-in-all, as the cooler breezes have started to finally show up and it is beginning to feel like winter is actually coming! Stay tuned for next week’s report, and be safe out there!

Tight Lines,

Capt. James Chappell





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